Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Source January 1997 FAT TAPE

No magazine just the fat tape. Upset? Get over it.
January 1997 fat tape


  1. thanks for this. I had this one... maybe the will come later. thanks again!

  2. yall people take a good look at this tape! take a look! thats right people, hip-hop used to be like that!! i was in the 9th-10th grade during '96 and i never thought in a million years hip-hop would change! i always thought hip-hop would always be like it was! it so much great music that came out during that year whether underground, mainstream or independent!! tears come down my face man reminiscing about that year!
    and im sure im glad i have this issue!!!

  3. You guys are lucky. You experienced classic hip hop growing up. I'm 18 and unfortunately am surrounded by people who think Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane are great rappers.

  4. props for this one! damn they really started putting a lot of joint in the fat tapes ha?

  5. 2 Dan

    Being surrounded by Wayne's and Gucci's fans don't make you the fan of them... Listen to the music you like! And there's a lot of people who still like old school and golden age and feeling that flava! Believe dat!