Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School Special: 1992 Fat Tapes

To commemorate my son’s upcoming first day of school (kindergarten) and my little cousin’s first week at college, I figured I’d post some Fat Tapes for those of you who are also going back to school or starting that new job and need to get your mind right. You know by now that music soothes the savage beast and calms the nerves and I have to tell you that I was nervous as hell when I started my first job right out of college. If I remember correctly, I played my dubbed tapes of Boogiemonsters Riders of the Storm, Nas’ Illmatic, Jeru’s The Sun Rises in the East, and Gangstarr’s Hard to Earn over and over and over to hype myself up each day that August and September of 1994. By the time my new favorite, O.C.’s Word…Life, came out in October, I was a seasoned veteran and calm as could be. My car’s tape deck was slowly dying from the constant tape play but what could I do? Anyway, today I’m posting all of the 1992 Fat Tapes. I’ll post the 1993 and 1994 Fat Tapes next week when I get a chance. Let me give you a brief history of The Source Fat Tape. Contrary to popular belief, the first ‘Fat Tape’ didn’t show up until July 1992. Before that, it was called ‘Singles’ or ‘Singles File’ and was predominantly a list of, you guessed it, singles or alternate versions of singles. Someone in their office (intern?) came up with the bright idea to showcase the other songs rarely heard on these albums along with a few singles and the ‘Fat Tape’ was born. It took them quite a while to perfect this however since they would sometimes list incorrect song titles, incorrect artist names, and repeat a song for 2 or 3 Fat Tapes straight. The quality control was seriously lacking in those days. Anyway, enjoy these for now and let me know if I made any mistakes with the tape track lists (wrong version of songs, etc.).

1992 Fat Tapes


  1. Thanks for this. I'm enjoying my first week of college right now.

  2. Back in '92 i was in the 5th grade. And that was when i really started taking hip-hop more seriously than recreationally. When Kris kross came out i was all in, that was the 1st LP tape that my mother bought me. man i wore that tape out from back to front. Those were the days.
    By late '93 early '94, hip-hop was in my bloodtream full force.
    But '92 was the beginning for me.

  3. not 2 bag on u or make u feel like im attacking u but i honestly think that people really aint bothering to check the site no more

    i truly understand that u have alot to do just like we do, but i think that its kind of f'ed up to create a new blog site just 2, literally the next day, say that u aint uploading any more especially since alot of us earned our membership

    again i truly truly appreciate all ur work and i understand that u got alot on ur plate but im just giving u my honest opinion brother

    cuz i would love to have a few magazines that i requested before

    peace brother

  4. Hey thanks Vincent, nice post. I've got some listening to do :)

  5. Dude you are awesome. thanks for the invite.