Monday, August 03, 2009

Ego Trip Magazine: Issue #7 featuring Q-Tip, Large Pro and Posdnuos (1995)

I've only included the cover story here for now. Pretty good article and it was interesting to read Pos' comments. You can still feel his anger in this article. This interview was done around the same time De La was recording Stakes is High and he had run out of patience with the fake hip-hop gangster posturing of '95/'96. Q-Tip and Large Pro were a little more laid back and I guess it showed in their respective album recordings (Beats, Rhymes & Life and The LP). Let me know what you think.

Ego Trip #7


  1. For some reason, I couldn't even begin to imagine any member of De La getting angry.

  2. LP: Hip hop today is good, man.
    Pos: It's bullshit.

    Haha, Pos definitely comes off upset. Interesting read.

    Thanks for the invite.

  3. What software programs do I need to view this link??

  4. @Kevin - Open it with WinRar. It's available for free at

  5. I only ran across a few Ego Trips back in the day, but it was hands down my favorite mag. Thanks man!