Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Rambling

I’m not dead yet. But adult life is no joke people. I have a pregnant wife due to give birth sometime within the next 3 or 4 weeks and a 5 year old son who has the energy of 100,000 fire ants. In the meanwhile, I’ve been buying baby items and enjoying that Marco Polo & Torae Double Barrel album. Tanya Morgan’s Brooklynati is also very good. But please explain to me why the heck I’ve secretly been listening to Camron’s Crime Pays a lot lately? Is anyone else feeling that? My wife thinks I’m absolutely crazy for listening to Camron in the first place. I’m also going through my annual Big Pun obsession and can’t get enough of his music either. Did you know that there are some nice hip-hop related t-shirts @ MooseLimited - Hip-Hop Tshirts? I just bought a Tribe Called Quest shirt and a Wu-Tang shirt as a Father’s Day present for myself. I’m going to get the Public Enemy and Gangstarr shirts next. They have a ton of stuff you might like. Ummm….about those magazines. I have no idea if/when this blog will be updated with another Source magazine again and you may not even care. Just thought you’d like to know.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Organized Konfusion (aka Simply II Positive) demos

First things first, I didn’t find these demos on any of my own tapes. Jo hit me up with these demos and also sent me the original blog link from 2006:

I had never heard these until he sent me the link to the tracks on Wednesday, which I posted below. ‘Audience Pleasers and ‘Mind Over Matter’ are my personal favorites. Let us know what you think.

FYI – You can send thanks to the original author of that post (Thun) over at T.R.O.Y. where they have tons of other exclusives you need to get.

Get it here


Rewind - The Source February 1992 issue featuring The Geto Boys

Jo has come through for us again. Earlier this week, he sent me this issue just as I was going through that Wordpress madness. This is yet another issue that was stolen from me in college and there are some interesting articles in this issue. I remember being very East Coast biased during this time and I was heavily into BDP, Lord Finesse, and Tribe when this issue came out. The Geto Boys were one of the few non-East Coast groups that I was listening to and that was mainly because I always enjoyed Willie D’s straight forward approach on the mic. He wasn’t a lyrical beast but you always knew exactly what was on his mind. Honesty is truly missing in hip-hop today.

And don’t forget to send a little thank you to Jo in the comment section for scanning this. He’s busy scanning a few more ‘91/’92 issues that will be posted here as well.

Record Report:

Juice OST (4 broken records)

Lord FinesseReturn of the Funky Man (3.5 broken records)

Sir Mix-A-LotMack Daddy (3 broken records)

The Future SoundThe Whole Shabang (3.5 broken records)

Chi AliThe Fabulous Chi Ali (3 broken records)

D-NiceTo Tha Rescue (3 broken records)

O.C.U.Stronger than the Mafia (2 broken records)

Source February 1992 issue


Mobb Deep's "Hell On Earth" ~ Only 4.5 mics???

Almost 4 LONG AZZ HOURS scanning and upping this magazine! You know what that means, right?

Anyway, I was going to write a long, boring essay about Hell On Earth and provide a slight comparison between it and The Infamous when I remembered that Travis had already tackled this topic at WYDU. So give him due credit for his write up and let me know which album you think is the best between those two. Even though The Infamous is still just ahead of it in my mind, I’ve been playing Hell On Earth for a few weeks now and the consistency is astounding. Havoc learned quite a bit from Q-Tip. It’s one of my all time favorite ‘night time listening’ albums along with Black Moon’s Enta Da Stage. I still have one lingering question regarding this album. Why were they dissing Def Squad (specifically Keith Murray)? I'm sure they didn't have beef with Redman but why were they going at Keith like that?

Record Report:

Westside ConnectionBow Down (4.5 mics) – Whut??? I don’t care how much you love Wack 10, no way is this 4.5 mics!

Mobb DeepHell On Earth (4.5 mics)

Mo ThugsMo Thugs Family Scriptures (4 mics)

Ghostface KillahIron Man (4 mics)

E-40The Hall of Game (4 mics)

Da BratAnutha Tantrum (3.5 mics)

Almighty RSODoomsday: Forever RSO (3.5 mics) – Benzino strikes again!

Jeru the DamajaWrath of the Math (3 mics)

SilkkThe Shocker (2.5 mics)

Richie RichSeasoned Veteran (3.5 mics)

PMDBusiness is Business (2.5 mics)

Lil KimQueen Bee (3.5 mics)

Keith MurrayEnigma (3.5 mics)

B-LegitThe Hemp Museum (3 mics)

House of PainTruth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again (3 mics)

TelaPiece of Mind (3.5 mics)

Source December 1996 issue and fat tape

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Duck Down

Due to the snitches out there in the blogger world (whether RIAA or human), many Wordpress blogs, including mine were suspended or shutdown over the last few days for having music download links. And I wasn’t even posting any music that’s remotely current. It’s funny that it happened when it did because I had already been contemplating giving up the scanning of magazines entirely. I still haven’t been able to scan that December 1996 issue yet because of the ungrateful leeches out there. So from here on out, I’ll try to take it slowly. I may re-post a few magazines that I’ve already posted on Wordpress since no one has access to them any longer. If you have any specific request for something I’ve already posted, then let me know.
FYI - Before I begin posting magazines again, this blog will go private. Leave me a comment with your e-mail address if you want to continue visiting the blog.