Thursday, June 04, 2009

Organized Konfusion (aka Simply II Positive) demos

First things first, I didn’t find these demos on any of my own tapes. Jo hit me up with these demos and also sent me the original blog link from 2006:

I had never heard these until he sent me the link to the tracks on Wednesday, which I posted below. ‘Audience Pleasers and ‘Mind Over Matter’ are my personal favorites. Let us know what you think.

FYI – You can send thanks to the original author of that post (Thun) over at T.R.O.Y. where they have tons of other exclusives you need to get.

Get it here



  1. cheers vincent.
    just curious, is this all produced by paul c? he worked with them round this time i believe

  2. never mind, the T.R.O.Y. post cleared it up, says yeah

  3. Damn, been lookin 4 this, but most of the links I found were dead, so thanks to you and original posters on TROY 4 this dope ish!

    RIP Paul C

  4. Hey Thanks a lot, never heard of this demo. Sounds good Though!

  5. i was looking for it few days back and coldn't find. so here you go. thank you!

  6. Just amaizing! I dont know but i like this more than other OK works. Maybe its because im the fan of Paul C. His contribution to music is udenieble for me. Its definition of late 80-es sampled sound. Just perfect. I think he kinda Timberland (in terms of soundcraft) of that era. On Stezo's and Cazanova Rud's albums MCs weren't that great, but here we have the "whole package" and its just incredible. Sad that sound quality is ... just demo. Peace, Vincent.

  7. @ done

    yeah i was wondering the same thing

  8. sick!!! i also posted that Nas Sampler from 96 with your help on my blog, props kid.