Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Source September 1993 issue (and Fat Tape) featuring Snoop Dogg (RE-UP)


I think I said everything about this issue way back when I first posted it here more than five years ago, so get it while you can.

Files are not guaranteed to be active after 30 days so download them while you can.




  1. everytime i read these old sources i automatically for a minute think im back in that year of the issue im reading.
    it takes me back to that time.
    that chronic album was monumental, came out when i was in the 5th grade! i had no idea what the chronic was. i thought it was a bad state of life when u had no money and just doin bad. crazy right? well my friend thought it was liquor drink!! mine mad more sense right?
    great times man, great times.
    u my nigg vincent, and u know that!

  2. Hi vincent, don't take me wrong I'm not complaining, it's my fault to not check often enough the blog for new re up, but maybe it would be better to upload the file without naming the archive with "the source" in file name, it looks like they are reported or deleted by rapidshare too fast!
    Anyway thanks and will subscribe to rss I think ;)