Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Source March 1992 issue featuring Fab 5 Freddy, Ed Lover, and Dr. Dre from YO! MTV Raps

This is one of the few issues from the early years of The Source that I have never posted before. I remember when cable television was just being installed in Philly citywide back in 1988/1989. We had to wait until early/mid ’89 but a friend of mine was fortunate to have his entire block wired before mine in late ‘88. He called me one Saturday morning and told me to run over to his house to see this new show called Yo! MTV Raps. I caught the last few minutes and was completely blown away. He didn’t own a VCR to record the episode so we spent a week discussing it until the new episode aired the following Saturday. It was revolutionary to say the least. Once the weekday episodes began, I rushed home from school so I wouldn’t miss it. BET’s Rap City (with Chris Thomas, Prince Dejour and Joe Clair) was another favorite of ours and we never really thought of the shows as competitors. In fact, the shows were more complementary to one another. I recall KRS-One saying something about video killing the rap star. But it also brought the music and visuals to the masses that didn’t have access. Videos like the ones I linked below completely changed my life.

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  2. what up vincent!!!
    i was worried about u there for a minute! i was wondering where u was at!!
    thank god for upping this issue. i always seen it but never opened it or read it!!
    speaking of rap city & yo mtv raps, that is my main goal is try to own every show from those 2 from '94-'99. i have plently of them right now but i most def need more! if u have any please holla at me and we can work somethin out!!

  3. Shesh, glad your back on. Can't believe it's been some odd years since you started this blog. Time really passes by quick, don't it?

    Appreciate the upload, but i think i'm having issues with the link. I keep pushing the d/l button & it just keeps bringing me back to the front page & i don't even have ad-block, so i don't know.

    Another thing, i don't know if you (still) don't or may grant requests, but i've kept bugging you about issues featuring DMX & how i would love for any of them to be uploaded (minus the June 1998 one), Source or not. Like i've been looking for the XXL one with Jay, Ja & X for years but i can't seem to find it.

    Would be greatly appreciated if you could upload issues featuring X excluding the Summer 1998 issue, which i already have (thnx to you!)

    As far as the issue - Ed & Dre had it going on back then. Hosted Yo Raps - great show - as well as being 2 of the earliest hip-hop radio personalities on Hot 97 when it switched to a hip-hop station from dance.

    Fab 5 was already a head at the time but did great things as well.

    Rap City was great too, but i honestly didn't like when they did the whole Basement thing. I liked the original Rap City with Joe Clair & Lez & things like that. Great time.

  4. Thanks so much Vincent, all the best for your holidays and for 2014 :)

    1. Can't download this file at all sadly Vince, it just always reverts to another page.

  5. @Brandan - I knew you were waiting on this issue. Good thing I remembered that I never posted it. I have couple more older issues to post up as well.

    @Bloggerdog - I haven't gotten around to scanning those giant issues from 1998 to 2001 (except June 1998) because it takes more than 4 hours to do so. The DMX issue are in that group and I have no idea when I will scan them.

    @Jaz - You're welcome.

    @everyone - I tested the download link and it worked. However, the Putlocker servers mentioned "overload" at one point. Try to download it at an off time of day.

  6. Vincent,

    I hope you have had a great Christmas, is there any chance you could re-up this on Zippyshare, I have tried so many times to download this but I always get the following

  7. Thank you for taking the time to scan and share this Vincent. Happy New Year!

  8. Thanks! Been waiting for this one.
    But the pw seems to be wrong?

  9. Nice to see you back. I appreciate what you do. I look forward to more in the future.

    Unfortunately I can not get the password to work so I can dl the mag.

  10. argh! came here too late once again...
    Wasn't able to log in, strange...
    Anyway thanks for spending time sharing these jewels !