Monday, August 26, 2013

The Source May 1994 issue (and Fat Tape) featuring Queen Latifah (RE-UP)

While I will always believe that Queen Latifah created the greatest female hip-hop album of all time, All Hail the Queen, this particular issue is all about DJ Doo Wop to me.  Back in my college days of 1993 and 1994, I bought every Doo Wop mixtape.  And he dropped a couple of good Summer Jam tapes in 1994 that I still keep in rotation when I’m in the gym.  The music, energy, and rawness vividly encapsulate my crazy life at the time and I have to admit that it is bittersweet and nostalgic hearing those mixtapes today.  Doo Wop’s crew was raw as ever and I often wonder what happened to them, too, as I only remember Snaggapuss actually making onto wax.  What really bothers me though is Doo Wop didn’t really keep the momentum going after 1994, which was probably due to getting a record deal.  I know Brandan may be able to shed some more light on the subject since he’s a mixtape connoisseur.

By the way, Gangstarr received 4 mics in this issue for their Hard to Earn album.  Was that too high, too low, or just right?

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  1. Wow! yo thanks for the major shout out vincent! me and u go back some years bro!!
    Now Doo Wop actually kept it goin after '94, remember '95 live right? When he dropped that '95 live he set the bar high!! It was a new dawn in the mixtape game when he dropped that. That tape was runnin shit for like 5-6 months straight! STRAIGHT!! Thats crazy! But thats how hot that tape was!
    It had everybody step their game up! So when he dropped '95 Live pt. 2 his legacy was set!! He was that nigga in the game! Its like he had just won 2 back to back championships with those tapes!! Now with those 2 grand mixtapes out people knew they had to step up their games.
    And like what Tony Touch said, those 2 tapes inspired him to create the 50 emcees tape in '97. Touch said Doo Wop game him a idea to actually have rappers spit on ur tapes. Something Wop did wit the '95 lives but not to the extent where Touch will take it. Touch said the right way to celebrate his #50th tape was have 50 emcees rhyme on it and there u have it. history was made again.
    Also green lantern just recently said that Wop '95 Lives inspired him to make tapes cause those 2 tapes ruled NYC for a full year.
    So Doo Wop set the standard in some ways of how tapes were created and inspired others create legendary tapes as well!!

  2. and on that Ganstarr LP 4 mics is about right. I caught on to that LP made late. I remmeber seeing the video for "Mass Appeal" for the 1st time in late '95 on an episode of BET Rap City old Skool wednesday! I was hooked instantly. But i was blown away on how people was dancin to the record in the video like it was a club record!!
    That was a true hip-hop record but they was dancin to it like it was a pop record!!
    back then people was dancin to true hip-hop records!! not just off in the corner nodding ur heads! But i digress...4 mic album for sure.

  3. Thanks Vincent! The cassette tape just turned 50. Funny even today a collection of songs is still called a mixTAPE.