Monday, February 08, 2010

The Source July 1997 issue featuring The Fugees

It really seemed as if Mos Def’s “New World Water” had conspired against me this week. Damn near 3 feet of snow buried me in the house on Wednesday and no matter how much I shoveled, it just kept coming back. Then we had a mini flood in the basement that gotthisclose to destroying all of my Timberland boxes filled with old tapes from the 80’s and 90’s AND just missed my giant plastic bin of old Source, Blaze, XXL and Ego Trip magazines. And on top of that, wack azz Comcast internet went down for 2 ½ days so I wasn’t able to handle some important business or post this until today. Verizon FiOS anyone?

This issue is rather ironic with the earthquake hitting Haiti just a few weeks ago and The Fugees visiting Haiti for a free concert back in ’97 at the height of their popularity. It’s sort of sad to read about them working well together then knowing that they would never make another group album. But honestly, back in ’95, when that “Fu-Gee-La” single dropped, I never predicted they’d sell a gazillion copies of The Score and I’ve never liked Wyclef or Pras anyway. They were Lauryn’s group from the day I bought their first album and those guys were just background singers. I’ve told my wife numerous times that Wyclef should have stopped making albums after The Score and that he’s in the top 5 on my “Why are these people popular when they’re really wack” list. And I’m not alone in this opinion. I think Brandan hates him, too.


  1. thank you again vincent! i live in pittsburgh and this snow is kicking my ass too! man im glad you posted this, nuthin like catchin up on an old source issue on a freezing day. thank you again for keeping up with the 97 issues too!

  2. thanks for this vincent! I thimk this is the last issue of the source I ever bought. end of an era.

  3. @ Vincent- Everybody knows Pras is awful but Wyclef was alright back in the day. Did you at least enjoy The Carnival?

  4. @Dan - I didn't really like the Carnival album either. Maybe one or two songs. Something about him just irks the ish out of me.

  5. u already know how i feel about Wyclef!!
    ruined canibus' career, wack azz carnival LP sold like 5-6 plat, dissing LL?
    i can go allday on this cat.
    but i am glad that i do actually own this issue.
    cant wait to see what else u droppin next!! im scooping up all these issues!
    i wish the links were still alive on ur other spot!

  6. never saw this issue before....thanks

    yeah I'm in philly....this snow sucks

  7. Wyclef is unsettling all the way around... that yelp he did on that awful We Are the World remake solidifies it. It was solidified already, but that was yet another reason to dislike him, haha.

    And yeah, Lauryn was def. the one fueling this group's success. I will say that Clef and Pras were at least tolerable enough to make The Score a dope album. But they'd never been as tolerable before or since then.

    I have this issue myself. The thing I was most pumped about in this one was the summer previews. When I saw that EPMD was comin' out with a new joint, I got HYPED. I literally went nuts over that announcement. The album itself? Not so much.


  8. Thanks for dropping this issue! The Fugees were a good group, but yeah Lauryn Hill drove that group!

  9. Thanks for another one Vincent. Recently I bought a Fugees - The Score MiniDisc, it's the only official MD I own (Still have an MD player and I think The score was an ''okay'' album).

    And how is the weather now? In Holland all snow is gone.

  10. Loving this blog Vincent, keep it up.

    I'm a younger hip-hop head, starting to get into the older stuff, and its a wonder to see these older issues of The Source (especially around 90-92). They tackled a lot of fascinating issues, really intelligent debate and dialogue, so many resources for entrepreneurial rappers, and the music was great.

    Thanks for sharing.