Friday, January 15, 2010

Ego Trip Magazine: Issue #7 featuring Q-Tip, Large Pro and Posdnuos - FULL ISSUE

I’m not sure what happened but I never got around to posting the full issue until now.

Ego Trip #7


  1. thanks for the mag

    just bought the ego trip book of rap lists recently, brilliant stuff so im looking forward to this then

  2. yo Vincent, i dont why i didnt DL all those issues u posted on ur blog years ago man. i guess i thought i would be able to find them myself. but that was a dumb move on my part.
    the way u set up these issues to read is incredible! i love the whole layout!
    so now im just waiting for more re-ups on TROY blog!! im coppin all of them.
    i read that best of '92 source mag u put up recently, and my whole view point of '92 has changed.
    cause right after i read that, i watched some old yo! mtv raps episodes from '92 that i have! and i think now that the golden era started in '92 instead of '94. '92 was just the beginning of somethin new and fresh!
    in '92 tho i took hip-hop more as recreational then to '94 when it became a way of life for me.

  3. @Brandan - Yeah, '92 was fantastic man. A lot of people forget about that year in hip-hop. And I thought you had been downloading the issues. You don't need to buy them from Ebay. Save your dough.

  4. Thanks for putting up the rest of the issue Vincent. I was wondering who do you think is a better producer between Q-Tip and Large Professor?

  5. im defintely gonna save my dough now since u puttin up these joints again! right now im waiting like Pookie in New jack City for some more re-ups!! "It keep callin me man!!"

  6. @Dan - The first 3 Tribe albums say it all man. Q-Tip is one of my top 5 producers of all time just because of what he did from '90 to '95. Large Pro is dope but Q-Tip made Tribe (and his other productions) distinctive.

  7. Thanks for the Ego Trip Magazine Vincent!