Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Source June 1998 issue featuring Big Pun, DMX, Kurupt, Cam'Ron, Nore and more

Not to be graphic or anything but this issue was great for reading while on the toilet lately. I figured everyone else would enjoy it as well so I decided to skip ahead and scan this. With Big Pun as hot as he was back then, I still waited a few months before buying his CD, even after reading the 4 mic review here. He essentially made a double CD into a single CD (24 tracks or so). Does it still deserve 4 mics today? It’s hard to believe that this was the heralded ‘rookie class’ back in ’98, too. Compared to the XXL 2009 freshman list, which do you like better? I also have to admit that I did not like DMX in ’98 and never bought his music but he was hotter than almost everyone that year with two platinum albums. And no one was really giving Cam’Ron a chance either even with Biggie’s cosign. And what about Kurupt? I swore he would finally get some solo shine with his double CD. I can’t remember if it was his label situation or some other politics that stole his thunder but it didn’t sell as well as he thought it would. And wasn’t he engaged to Foxy Brown back then, too? Anyway, if you enjoy this issue, then let me know and I may skip ahead to some other issues in ’98, ’99, or ‘00.

Source June 1998 issue and fat tape


  1. This class just looks like lost potential. DMX and his drug problems, Big Pun dying, Canibus and his beat selection, N.O.R.E. trying reggaeton, Silkk The Shocker just was awful, and so much more. I think 09 might be able to surpass them. I agree Capital Punishment is 4 mics.

    Thanks for all you do and could you please put up the 100th issue of The Source?

  2. Yeah I actually have this's funny to see how times have @ the future of hip hop in 98. It's wild how none of them are relevant now.....except maybe cam. I feel old.

  3. Another issue....great! I just started downloading and while I'm here i gotta say that the new Ganxsta Nip's album came out (last year, i don't know the release date)and it's called PSYCH SWAG! Anybody got it or heard it? All i know is that Candyman did the producing and the Psych Ward Ent. published it! Peace!

  4. @Dan

    Don't think it was Canibus beat selection he's just not that good imo. He's like a Hip-Hop dictionary.

    That's why i always tell people just because you use big words in every bar doesn't make you lyrical.

    Appreciate the hook up btw.

  5. thanks looking forward to this

    Capital Punishment may be worth a 4.5... I think Dan said it all with the lost potential

    The issue with the Aquemini review would be much appreciated but i guess thats coming soon so i can wait

  6. ahh i remember buying this issue, i think i gave it to my boy though cause he was a huge dmx fan. thanks again vincent, imo lets keep rolling with 97, i didnt start buying the source til 98 lol so i gotta catch up!

  7. On that large scan I saw Cappadonna. What I remember from 1998 (I was relatively new to Hip Hop and was caught by everything Wu-Tang) was the album ‘’The Pillage’’ (his first and best).

    I still listen to it and like it so I can’t say good Hip Hop ended for me in 96 or so. But I did not care much for the more well known artists like DMX. Most of his albums contain 1 or 2 really nice tracks (in my opinion) but the rest I can’t bare to listen to.

    And Canibus had a Wu-connection too, with the Four Horsemen and I did like that ‘’style’’ but that is more recent.

    Anyway thanks for all the hard work Vincent, I’m looking forward to reading it!

    Greets Marthijn

  8. wow looking back at that cover it's amazing how many of those cats are actually not that relevant any more. i mean DMX done went crazy, Pun is dead, Canibus can spit but i could probably sell more albums than him if i put one out, Capadonna? lmfao, 8Ball has been shit since they joined Bad Boy, Tariq & Gunz? people only care about Cory Gunz, Silkk, NORE, only one half way relevant for most of this decade was Cam & he has fallen off anyway. almost forgot Kurupt, if Death Row didn't ie in the ass he probably would have had the best career in a musical sense.