Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Coming Soon

Below is just a sneak peek of the never before posted magazines that I’ll be posting over the next couple of months. A couple will be posted here and the others will be posted at The T.R.O.Y. blog.

By the way, I found some of these old Source covers at the official Source website. I can’t believe that after all these years, someone over there finally got up off their azz to post a small portion of their history. Maybe they’ve been checking out Press Rewind? And it actually looks like they a lifted a file or two from our sites but we don’t own them in the first place so what can we do. Anyway, take a moment to check out the other stuff they have posted:

5 Mic/Broken Record reviews -
Other notable reviews -
Various Unsigned Hype -
Source Covers -

And do yourself a favor and buy a used copy of that Edutainment CD, if you haven’t already. It’s more than worth the $3.99.


  1. niicce welcome back vincent! even though im fiending for the rest of the 97 sources im excited your back with some more mags! im most excited about that ghost ego tripping! btw just got the new meth ghost rae lp, shit is only 30 minutes,,,smh

  2. @ Iza - I'll get back to '97 at some point. The size of those issues poses a challenge since the pages are not easy to scan. I haven't heard the Wu Massacre yet. Is ti any good?

  3. @vincentlopez, yeah i understand about those issues, I think when I started actually getting the source on a monthly basis was march 98 maybe and i know they were super thick! ahh its not too bad, just average, the best song is the single thats out now

  4. yo vincent, on ur main site where's the DL link to that KRS Source mag, i dont see it anywhere!!
    cmon bro, hook me up!

  5. It's good to know you're back and better than ever. I know you said you don't think there has been a classic album after Illadelph Halflife, but what do you think has been the best album since then?

  6. @brandan - I'll be posting it today.

    @dan - that's a very good question and I couldn't pick just one. but there have been plenty of 4 mic albums released since '96 like Aquemeni and Capital Punishment. And then The Roots 'Things Fall Apart' is 4.5 mics to me as well as Nas' 'The Lost Tapes' is another 4.5 mic album. Other 4.5 mic albums would be Reflection Eternal's 'Train of Thought', Gangstarr's 'Moment of Truth', and Ghostface's 'Supreme Clientele'. Now Gangstarr's 'Full Clip' double album is a 5 mic classic but only because it compiles a lot of their best work from the past onto the double album so I didn't count that as a new release when it came out.

  7. what up vincent, where's dat link at?
    i dont see it, i think u said u was gonna post it today.
    fill me in!!

  8. @brandan - I can tell you don't have a wife and children yet! My wife went out shopping yesterday right when I was about to post the magazine. You can't get anything done with a little baby climbing all over you. It'll be posted today.

    Don't get married if you enjoy your free time!!!

  9. my bad for hustling u like that vincent, i forgot u got that little one now. my bad son.
    im looking forward to the married life and all of that but not now.
    Jay is 40 and no kids yet, so i got some time before that.
    good lookin tho!
    u know me and u go back since day 1!!