Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Source February 1996 issue (and Fat Tape) featuring Luke

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family have a great 2013.
I posted this issue because of the Lord Finesse “The Awakening” review.  Oddly, The Source actually published a Lord Finesse interview, advertisement, and record review all in this same issue, which was very rare.  Anyway, I remember buying that CD and being annoyed with the brief interludes but enjoying his overall "new" sound.  I was surprised that Finesse had moved further into the production side of the business as well, following his D.I.T.C. brethren.  I would have given the album 4 mics and I was shocked to see that Kriss Kross, Eazy E, and Coolio all received higher ratings than Lord Finesse.  But Finesse struck back, though, in a very diplomatic way.  In the April 1996 issue, he wrote a letter to the The Source, which they published, essentially asking why they had someone unfamiliar with his music history writing a record review.  I completely agree.  My only problem with Finesse was what happened after this album? Was the production route that much better financially?

The Fat Tape is included...



  1. Thanks! I forgot about this issue. Finesse should have gotten a 4.5.

  2. i woulda gave this album 5 mics!!!
    this album is in my 15 of all-time! Finesse production on this album is top notch!!
    even the beats on the interludes is tight!!
    i love this album, i cant believe tho that this was finesse's last album.

  3. I still think 4 mics fit the album just right. And he should have released at least one more album in '97 or '98 before hanging up the mic. And thinking about a crew like D.I.T.C., I don't think they get the respect and exposure they deserve here in the U.S. I mentioned D.I.T.C. to a younger cousin (24 years old) and he had no clue who they were.

  4. i love DITC, my love for them has grown very quickly over the years.
    i still have orig. copy of their 1st LP from 2000.
    i wish they would have dropped a album in '97-98, but all they did was released a whole bunch of songs they did instead of putting it on a album.
    i love DITC bro, just love dem niggas. fat joe needs to stop frontin tho.

  5. A Lord Finesse album in 1998? That would have been great. Even though Finesse appearances became rare after The Awakening I'm sure he has an album's worth of material in his vaults from that time. He still rapped and produced and sounded good as ever doing it on Day One, 5 Fingaz Of Death, Dignified Soldiers, All Love, Vinyl Athletes, Rules We Live By, The Message demo and .
    I wonder why he didn't release anything in the late 90's. Probably label fuckery. They probably wanted a Bad Boy /Roc-A-Fella sound from him and he didn't want to compromise. (Though I feel like Mase either in lazy Bad Boy mode or in Murder Mase mode on a Finesse song could have sounded great or Finesse on a Bad Boy production even with super-obvious sample, like LOX or Black Rob feat. Lord Finesse. But I'm not sure what the D.I.T.C. founder thought about Bad Boy in 1997 - 1999. I mean, he gave Dr. Dre a beat when Dre asked him for one. And O.C., Buckwild, Fat Joe etc. didn't shy away from Bad Boy sounding music or even collabs with Bad Boy artists.

  6. For those of you who missed it, here is a link to a recent Lord Finesse interview:


  7. thanx for the scans !!! great job .
    Maybe Finesse will release material from that time on Slice Of Spice , i hope so !