Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Source January 1992 (1991 Year In Review)

I’m finally back with a re-up. There is no rhyme or reason to the order I’ll be posting these so be patient. I’ll eventually get to the issue you’re looking for. Anyway, the year 1991 was one of the greatest in my life for personal and hip-hop reasons. One of the oddest things about that year (I was 18) was that I worked two drastically different summer jobs between semesters at college. One of those jobs was working at the Philadelphia Zoo where I worked as a picture taker for people who sat on a baby elephant and paid $4.00 for an instant Polaroid snapshot. No one realized that the baby elephant smelled like poop at all. And another time a big ass panther got loose in the zoo and I was the only employee sitting outside while everyone else ran for cover. My boss saved my life by running out to get me. I was so engrossed in the sports section of the newspaper that I didn’t hear the damn alarm go off. But I digress. I worked two jobs on purpose so that I could afford to buy the many great albums and singles being released seemingly every week. I spent damn near all of my money on music and that led to many other financial issues. I barely had money for those expensive college textbooks but what the heck; at least I had the new Black Sheep album, right? And ’91 was the last year I purchased everything exclusively on tape and vinyl. Because during the holiday break in December of that year, I bought a CD player. And I had to buy ALL of my old albums again in CD version. Used music stores were a favorite of mine and I scooped up CD’s for just about half price, which was $6.99, back then. I remember buying my first new CD, Lord Finesse’s Return of the Funky Man, and how at least 10 guys all sat around in my dorm room completely captivated by the album. Damn, I really miss those days when music moved you like that!

Here’s the original link to my first post about this particular issue:

I still highly disagree with the order of the Source’s top 15 albums of the year (see below). I mean, both Chubb Rock (11) and DJ Quik (9) were ranked above Gang Starr (14). How the eff did that happen? Was it just a sign of the times with so many options to choose from? Tribe will always be #1 for 1991 to me. Anyway, check it out and leave your thoughts in the comment section.
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  1. Thanks a ton! Main Source and EPMD had the best releases on that list IMO.

  2. the gawd is finally bakc! its been some years but im glad u back son.
    1991 for me was the 1st year i even started to recognize rap music cause before that i only heard the music my parents was listenin to which was jazz & R&B + pop music.
    in '91 was the year i got introduced to Tribe when i heard "Butter" and from then on i kept a ear open to rap msuic but didnt take it serious until '94.

  3. Thanks for this clutch re-up. This made my day.

  4. @Rabbit - I'm sticking with Tribe's "Low End Theory" as #1 that year.

    @Brandan - How old were you in 1991?

    @Solution - You're welcome.

  5. Thanks for the scans fam...brings back so many memorys...