Friday, April 23, 2010

The Source December 1991 issue featuring Kid 'N Play

Here’s another issue that was stolen from me way back when. I’m sure it wasn’t for the Kid ‘N Play cover story. I’m guessing it was because of the Ice Cube article and record report. I still can’t believe Cube was trying to get into the Nation of Islam while doing St. Ides commercials. I remember reading this and thinking how ass backwards he was becoming. And he never became a member of the NOI anyway.

Was anyone else a fan of Del’s first album? I lucked up and bought that for like $5.99 at a used music store in New Jersey back in ’91. That album is severely slept on, in my opinion, and deserved every bit of the 4 mics it was given. Do you agree?


  1. cmon Vincent, dont dis Kid N Play.
    they was doin it on a Hollywood level! They had dope movies and a cartoon out during they glory years.
    the only other hip-hop artist to even have a cartoon was Hammer.
    but Kid N Play was gettin that hollywood money.

    and Ice Cube was still tryin to find which way he was gonna go in his rhymin and life. Nation of Islam or still being a G? but i think he evetually did a great job of combining both in his rhymin!

    and Del's best LP is his 2nd one, hands down not even close!

  2. thanks vince

    wow some great albums here
    DEl is very overlooked with 3 excellent LPs "i wish..", "no need.." and "deltron (one of the few great albums of the 21st century)".

    Special shout out to Apocalypse 91 P.Es last gasp of true greatness

  3. @Brandan - I'm not hating on Kid 'N Play. I appreciated groups that could do their own thing back then. I was just saying that no one i knew was really checking for them when we were in college. Ice Cube was more of an opportunist trying to please and appease all groups and audiences at once while still getting paid. Back then, it was more of a no no. Today, everyone flips flops for a dollar in hip-hop.

  4. Del's album is a solid 4 and I think Mr. Scarface Is Back is a 4.5.

  5. I didn't notice at the time that 2nd II None's album was released so close to AMG's. That was a good year for DJ Quik.

  6. Thank you very much! Can you believe that issue is nearly 20 years old?