Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Source February 1997 issue featuring Lil Kim and Foxy Brown

Remember when these two young women were the premier ladies of hip-hop…or rap depending on your personal definition? Their public images seemed to be based solely on their sexual escapades and in the ‘get money’ era of 1997, that’s what sold. Truth be told, I never liked these chicks at all and never bought any their albums. But I did like Lil Kim’s ‘take no shorts’ attitude. She was going to get hers no matter what the cost but sadly, the one thing she really wanted for herself (Biggie) eluded her. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Biggie had married her instead of Faith. And Foxy? I can’t even give her one kind word.

Moving on to the Redman review, does 4 mics really satisfy you? That's a 4.5 mic gem to me. And what about Camp Lo? 3 mics?

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  1. Now me personally i loved Lil Kim & Foxy!! i Thought they were mad dope! Kim's 1st LP is boderline classic to me! And Foxy's 1st 2 LP's was dope as well!! These ladies held it down for a minute during the mid to late '90s!! so im not gonna sit here and front on them, they was nice.

    Now BIG made a great decision to marry Faith. Faith is way more fine than Kim. thats not even close. Kim was more lust than anything. BIG was smart enough to know the difference.

    now Redman Muddy waters is definetly a 4.5 or heck even a 5!! i remember the day that came out, niggas was skippin school midday to go blockbuster music and get that LP. i heard there was a fight that ensued cause niggaz fighting over the last copy that was left! so u already know!
    Camp Lo's LP aint no damn 3 mics! thats a 4.5 or a 5!! That LP was so many dope joints its crazy!! I was playin that joint over and over when i 1st got it. and remember Jay Z came close to taking all the beats for that Lp for his reasonable doubt! so props for SKi for trying to save some joints for that LP!

  2. Muddy is 4.5 - that's one of the last great albums in golden era - I even think that the golden age was over after that album.

    Camp Lo is maybe 3.5 but I agree with the review. There are only few dope cuts there.

  3. Props on the magazines as usual. Muddy Waters is most definetly a 4.5 mic album and Camp Lo to me is a 4, at the very least a 3.5.

  4. Muddy never was my favourite Red's Album, only third place after Dare and Whut?, but it's 4,5 at least, no doubt...

    And Vince, got a question to you: can you please post the X-Clan 1992 issue someday? Or maybe just cover and interview, if it's possible? Thanks in advance.

  5. I've never heard a full album from either of them (Kim & Foxy), but I have admired the album art...

    I have to listen to Uptown Saturday Night, it's been awhile. I actually listen to their other albums more. Anybody else a fan of Let's Do It Again?

    Props for the scans, always appreciated.

  6. Thanks Vincent, another one! This week I got my June 1997 issue in the mail, the one with the big Wu symbol on the cover. Don't know if you need some help with scanning?

    Anyway, thanks for all the work again :-)

  7. @m - I was reading that Wu issue this morning. You can scan that for us if you have time. I haven't gotten that far yet.

  8. Muddy Waters is a 4.5 & Camp Lo is a 4. When Biggie was alive he wrote for Kim and Foxy had Nas and Jay-Z in her corner helping her. I still wonder why The Source gave The Naked Truth a 5.

  9. Hey Vincent, I've started scanning the issue. How should I upload it, loose jpegs via mail or parts of it in rars? I'm not far yet but if you could let me know that would be helpful. The pictures are a bit large, what is your resolution?

    Greets Marthijn